Patek Philippe Calatrava 3919: Timeless Elegance and Unparalleled Craftsmanship

patek philippe calatrava 3919

The New Patek Philippe Calatrava 3919

Patek’s Calatrava is a beautiful watch. But it can also be boring. Boring, or not, the new ref 6119 brings a fresh perspective to this style icon.

First released in 1985, this model became one of Patek’s best-selling dress watches in the 1980s and 1990s. Its distinguishing feature is its clous de Paris (hobnail) guilloche bezel.


The 3919 embodies the pure, minimalist style of the Patek Calatrava line and is the perfect dress watch for any occasion. Its 33mm case is a perfect fit on both large and small wrists, and the white dial and black Roman numerals exude sophistication and elegance. The manual-wind Patek Philippe Caliber 215 PS movement adds a touch of timeless luxury to this classic timepiece.

The case is crafted from 18k yellow gold and features a hobnail bezel that adds depth and dimension to this beautiful model. The bezel is in excellent condition and has not been overpolished. Look carefully at the bezel under a 10x loupe to ensure that the pyramids retain their original sharpness.

Patek Philippe 3919

This pre-owned Patek Philippe Calatrava 3919J features an 18k gold case, a white dial, black leaf-shaped hands, and a small seconds subdial at the 6 o’clock position. This vintage dress watch is powered by a manual-winding Patek Philippe movement and has a sapphire crystal.


The 3919 is a classic Patek Philippe dress watch. Its elegant case is 33.5 mm wide and 6.5 mm thick, a slim and comfortable size for all wrist sizes. It features a traditional white dial adorned with black Roman numerals and sweeping leaf hour and minute hands. The small seconds sub-dial is located at 6 o’clock.

The Clous de Paris (hobnail) bezel is a signature feature of the Calatrava design. This distinctive pattern is a form of guilloche, or engine-turned, engraving achieved using an ancient machine that was operated by a single watchmaker.

The hobnail bezel reflects light three-dimensionally, evoking beauty and depth. This iconic Patek Philippe design became one of the best-selling watches in the 1980s. It was replaced in 2006 with the newer Caliber 215 PS model. It is still the most popular Patek Philippe dress watch for collectors. Its timeless design and impeccable craftsmanship make it a timeless investment. This pre-owned Patek Philippe calatrava 3919 is in excellent condition and keeps great time.


With its graceful slim case, clean dial and distinctive clous de paris bezel, the Calatrava has become Patek Philippe’s most iconic dress watch. Its enduring design embodies the Bauhaus principle that form follows function, making it one of the most beautiful and practical watches ever produced.

Patek 3919

The Ref 3919 stayed in production for two decades until it was replaced by the larger, 36 mm Ref 5119. While it may not look exactly like the original 3919, this latest model retains many of its essential features.

This model is powered by the manual winding caliber 215 PS, a movement that is renowned for its precision and reliability. Its refined case is adorned with anglage, perlage and polished screws, further enhancing the elegant appeal of this watch. The pristine black dial features dauphine hands and prism-shaped Roman numerals, a classic combination that exudes sophistication and timeless charm. The 3919 is a true icon of Patek Philippe’s legacy and an excellent investment opportunity.


This model offers a perfect balance of luxury and simplicity. The elegant yellow gold case seamlessly integrates with the black alligator leather strap, resulting in a comfortable and luxurious fit. Its simple crown and gold buckle add a final touch of refinement to this elegant timepiece.

This Calatrava is equipped with an 18k yellow gold hobnail guilloche bezel with double layers of mini pyramid accents, adding depth and dimension to the watch. The 3919 also features straight lugs, a classic Patek Philippe design feature that gives the watch its timeless look.

When purchasing a pre-owned Patek Philippe dress watch, it is important to carefully examine the hobnail bezel under a loupe to ensure that the pyramids remain sharp and do not show signs of wear. You should also make sure that the transition from brush finish to high polish on the sides of the case is flawless. With these details in mind, you can rest assured that you will be purchasing a genuine Patek Philippe watch.

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