Patek Philippe 5208R-001 Grand Complication Minute Repeater Chronograph

This is a brand new patek, philippe factory strap. The watch includes little pull tab spring bars, so you can quickly remove the strap from the case without a tool, and then there is a kala trove across on top of a single fold, matching rose gold, patek philippe deploying clasp snap that shut roll over the case. Flanks, I apologize for my finger prints here, but the most secure and safe way to hold a valuable watch is without gloves. Now, as you can see in profile, the watch is a little bit lighter and airier than it looks from head on, as the looks are entirely evacuated and you can see that they’re wonderfully graceful and spare the timepiece doesn’t look massive in profile. Just substantial and you can see they’ve even used a concave profiled bezel to reduce the apparent mass and monolithic appearance of the watch on the wrist. There’s a repeater slide, that’s satinated internally and then, of course, we have the repeater trigger externally that charges the strike barrel. internally and then of course we have Now the dial includes a mono pusher chronograph, a moon phase, instantaneous change, perpetual calendar and, of course, underneath the repeater. What you can see here is that patek in good taste use black disks for the day, the date and the month, and then we have rose gold. Faceted individual baton, style indices for the hours frames for the date, and then we have half faceted dauphine style hands down the center. Now the watch does have a moon phase adjustment interval of 122 years. The perpetual calendar will not need to be reset until the year. 2100 the watch does include a mono pusher chronograph with column wheels. You can see when you stop it, you must reset it as after all, a mono pusher, there is no separate reset trigger. There are little pushers along the sides that you can use to activate the calendar complications. Then you have a day night indicator underneath the opinion for the hour register and you can see right now. It’s white: it goes from white to blue. When it’s blue, you don’t use the quick set triggers to set the calendar. Now the watch will give you its longest song. We may as well actually stop that mono pusher chrono, you can see. There are some quirks associated with the chronograph architecture in this mono pusher chronograph. The best way to fire up a minute repeater is to set it to 12.59. Let’s have a listen and hope I got it. The timepiece is impressively specked front and back, and I should mention that the traditional definition of a grand complication is not a watch that is very complicated or a watch that has a tourbillon and some number of other complications, specifically by historical standards. the timepiece is impressively specked A grand comp is going to be a chronograph, a perpetual calendar, a minute repeater, and then you can add whatever other complications you want but it must be that core three, the torpion, has not traditionally been a component of a grand complication. Now you can see on the reverse side, we have a movement with a long name. you can see on the reverse side we have It’s an alphabet soup, alphanumeric to be precise, which describes all of the functions that this watch has it’s an automatic winder by micro, rotor with a 48 hour power reserve. It beats way at 21, 600 vibrations per hour. It has 719 pieces pivots on 63 joules. It’s free sprung for durability and precise setting is adjusted in six positions. It has an anti-magnetic silicon hairspring, it’s guaranteed to work, to the extent that it runs no worse than minus three plus two seconds per 24 hours and, of course it has all of its attendant complications and, remarkably fine finish. Not every patek philippe is finished. The same standards, but the grand complications are finished their highest standard, where everything truly is done by hand from the black polished strikers and gongs to the broad and luminous cote de geneve. You have guilloche cut on the rotor, it’s a grand dodge or barley corn. We have set nation on the wheels you can see, the locating pegs as well as the screws of the movement are black polished. You’ll, also see. There’s a centrifugal governor hiding underneath the gold calatrava cross. All of the screw heads are black polished, but their slots and circumference also beveled. polished but their slots and We have mirrored anglage a mile wide. You can see it gleaming on the edge of every bridge. We also have satination on the wheels and then engine turning on the base plate. There is a lot to love here and a lot to see when you buy this watch. It pays to also have a loop. The watch features a lateral clutch and column wheel for actuating the chronograph and then because this is a minute repeater. It’s water resistant against, moisture and dust, only not against rain or splashes, even and that’s just a consequence of a case.

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